Ideas on human conscious evolution in terms of an approach I've developed which I call Spectrum Counseling; this involves: conflict resolution, martial arts, meditation methods, mindbody strategies, and tranformational learning. This effort is for human beings who wish to encourge, stimulate, discover, and explore the potential of conscious evolution within themselves.



Meditation Theme

Turn your attention to the Source of Awareness.

Ref:  'The Secret of the Golden Flower' translated by Thomas Cleary, Ph.D.


I created a YouTube video entitled:

A brief introduction to the Path of Enlightenment

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I plan to make other YouTube videos over time, of a similar nature.  This is another way of crafting entries in other media about encouraging, facilitating, engaging other people of similar nature, in terms of human emergence to radiant forms of being, and human conscious evolution, with the aim of generating human long term continuity in the universe at large.

Several entries in this blog are excerpts from my books:

The publisher is:  Infinity Publishing.Com

The titles are:

Traveller On The Path
The Sufi Model In The Transpersonal Process
A Spectrum Counseling Perspective

Transform Node
The Metaphysics Of Adventure
And Mystical Illumination

For Love Of Nikki Diamond
An Inter-Cultural Love Parable
A New York City Story

Perhaps you may enjoy the books as well.  In any event, thank you for reading the blog.  Please remember that whatever else you may be doing, do this also:
Find the Way, Follow the Path.

More to come.



Author's Preface from 'Transform Node' The Metaphysics Of Adventure and Mystical Illumination, Second Edition Expansion.

Transform Node is the first of my published books, As its title and subtitles imply, it is an array; a mystical matrix of adventure, generated by personal development. An Author's Preface, and the entry entitled, The Sufi Project, provide the expansion of the first edition. I remember the day I began writing this work. My lady--now my wife--and I were on public transport heading for Atlantic City. My attention was focused on the flatscape of the surrounding terrain, when internal visions of a mountain range in the Central Asian steppes appeared in conscious awareness.
The spirit of adventure surged in my soul and I began to write the opening lines of the title story, Transform Node:
"Scaling a mountain can be a tedious task for a lone climber in treacherous terain..."
In retrospect, I realize that the opening statement is a reflection of my journey of ascent toward Higher Nature, on the Path of Enlightenment. Most of my work, regardless of content, is oriented in this Way. My intention is to influence and facilitate human conscious evolution whenever, and wherever possible.
My journey encompasses several types of intense, as well as relaxing, and enjoyable goal oriented activity, including climbing, diving, fishing, and para-sailing. Regardless of any particular action, there are three major faculties that come into play. One major area involves actions whiuch are related to the tuning and enhancement of the Self, in terms of the body.
Another is related to the Heart with respect to emotional energy. A third effort which ends this triplet is focused on development of the Intellect, in terms of perceptive range.
Within this context, I am a practitioner of martial arts, and other mind-body disciplines, as well as an aspiring actor. These particular activities place demands on the human psyche which require a sustenance of concentrated disciplined action, in order to achieve levels of high performance relative to one's capacity.
The stories evolve out of a singular action, inspired by a universe of internal imagery, stemming from the polymorphous capabilities of the human mind. Within my experience, new learning and development begins to occur when one's disciplined capacity is immersed in practice, to the point where practice evolves into an ongoing meditation. Gaining access to some activities is not always easy.
For example, travelling to the Caribbean for a diving adventure may occur once per year; however, planning the trip, reviewing the necessary diving physics and physiology, and ultimately experiencing the immense beauty of the ocean realm is not only physically thrilling, but emotionally uplifting.
A similar sense of physical Presence is encountered whenever I am fortunate enough to work as an actor. This work partly requires submersion of one's ego in an ongoing concentration on the character one is trying to model during any given performance. This process is also a form of meditative work which often allows for opportunities in controlling internal emotional energy, as any given case may demand. Since detachment from ego is, to a certain extent, effective in practicing conscious evolution, in similar fashion, performing as an actor aids good personal development, if one's intention is correct.
Working in alternate dimensions, or practicing on the Path within the possibilities that are open to us, not only places the body-mind-spirit at enhanced performance levels; this also helps one in entering new pathways of perception. The metaphysics of adventure emerges while travelling the Path of Wisdom. The objective in creating this literary matrix is to articulate those factors, in personal experience, which seemed to generate life enhancing internal sensitivities. This articulation also had to be presented in a malleable design, potentially influential on, and useful for, people interested in enlightened existence. It is inspired by the Sufi scatter technique. This demands a multidimensional structure, which serves as a catalyst for a multiplicity of beneficial, non-linear impacts on the human brain.
As a youngster, I had a sense of curiosity about the awesome vastness of an external universe, and my relationship to it. This sense of things came to me at different times. On occasion, it would surface when I sometimes stood on top of a lengthy sea wall in the tropics, gazing at the open spaces of blue sky that encased the vast water world around me. As a youth, growing up in Central Latin America, I was exposed to the elements of jungle, rain forest, and oceans; the Atlantic and Pacific, early in life. I remember my Dad teaching me to swim in deep water. I would place my hands on his shoulders and frog-kick behing him, as he swam away from shore, using a breast stroke. When we reached the deep, he showed me how to execute the breast stroke, and tread water, before he taught me the Australian crawl. My fear of the potential dangers of predators below, like barracudas, sharks, and the giant mantas, was abated by my Dad's encouraging words, and his immediate presence beside me in the water.
Inspiration for my manuscripts partly comes from the stories of classic adventure, and ancient heroes, which my father instilled in me as a youngster. I felt Mom's quiet mystical sensitivity, and delicate beauty as illumination. My intention modulates the inspiration, by way of exposure, study, practice, and training in the psychology of sacred traditions. This includes many years of martial arts praxis. Sometimes I like to think that I stem from many eons of a Samurai lineage, or some such warrior tradition, an immortal who appears from time to time, in order to assist human conscious evolution. My childhood dreams were filled with strange indications of such events.
In any case, part of the pattern of my work is found in the sense of having freedom to create designs in the service of humanity, through the implemantation of inspirational energy.
My academic and professional efforts have been oriented toward developing a useful applied synthesis of science and mysticism.
Transform Node is unigue in that it has several dimensions. It has a dimension which puts forth the Teachings of Enlightenment, from the Sacred Traditions. It has a science fiction dimension. It has a metaphysical dimension. It has a dimension of esoteric adventure that moves beyond the boundaries of our conventional three dimensional continuum. It also has a dimension of subconscious impact on the human mindfield, and mental operations.
The stories stimulate both hemispheres of the brain. The left hemisphere is affected by the partial linearity of the stories in themselves. The right hemisphere is affected beneficially through the excerpts from the Teachings of Enlightenment. These precede each prolegomenon, or personal, introductory, 'real-time, in the world' narrative to the stories. The matrix of the telling, or scattering of forms, is designed to deliver information to both sides of the brain simultaneously. The text is a container of mindfield templates.
The possibilities herein may be conceptualized as relative subsets of Reality, or symbolically as, r! = f(R).
Enter the matrix, contemplate the mysteries, enjoy the journey.


Excerpt from the book, 'Transform Node - The Metaphysics of Adventure and Mystical Illumination', Second Edition Expansion,
by Ronn Parker, Ph.D.

Who Are The Sufis

One way of answering is to say:

The Sufis have their origins in an ancient World Order of fully realized mystics. They are found in all times and places, working on the enhancement and conscious evolution of humankind, using a multitude of approaches.

This has been so since the dawn of proto-history, the ages before written records. The Sufis, their students, and people like them--referred to here as, People of the Path, Friends of the Way, or the Near Ones--form the leading vanguard of human development, who, as systems of beings, understand that Essence pervades everything. It sustains all and is Itself Self-Sustaining.

Although they speak different languages, and live in varied cultural settings, they cultivate the development of awareness which recognizes the Presence of Essence internally.

They are not bound by the veils of conventional space-time. Their search expands across the vast deserts, oceans and mountain ranges of the Mystery of Existence.


Excerpt from 'The Lancer Project', a work in progress,
by Ronn Parker, Ph.D.

There are different kinds of knowledge and they arise within you at different times, under varying circumstances. For instance, sometimes I know in some way, beyond thought, I have completely abolished, annihilated, the personality known as Lancer. In that state, there is no Lancer relative to ego. Instead, there is an expansion - cosmic being! Although worldly self in Essence is a sub-entity of It, it is not present in conscious awareness at that time. This sense of things can be described as exalted Essence, to use a phrase. Of course, there are also times when one experiences more normal states of mind where none of That is present. We can approach exaltation through remembrance, since there is a quality of mind in which there can be remembrance of This, and a quality in which there is the direct knowledge Itself. Remembrance is synonymous with certain forms of meditation. All this takes place beyond rational thought, which is useful contextually. Certainly you are aware of these states in terms of thought, when you think about them. Thought is another kind of knowledge. So, we have direct knowledge from experience, thought, and remembrance. Different kinds of knowledge flow within this being in this Way. This Being, is much more that Its thought, remembrance, or experience.


Wherever I go, I travel with excerpts from the Teachings of Enlightenment, in a compact form of notes. Over the years I have had good fortune in studying and practicing with various masters of the Teachings from different traditions. Here are some teachings taken directly from my notes. They include translations and presentations from at least two Teachers: Thomas Cleary and Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

Meditation is the action of Essence.

It is the Nature of Essence to act through Meditation.

The Presence of Essence is experienced by way of Meditation

All you encounter is a vehicle for training. Whatever we come into contact with, wherever we find ourselves is a Dojo, a place of training and enlightenment. --- Zuiun

Within this body there is an indestructible enlightened nature. --- Bodidharma

Seek the lost mind and do not retreat when tired or in unusual circumstances.

The mountains, the rivers, the whole Earth, the entire array of phenomenon are one's Self.

When one understands the Essence, hundreds of thousands of meditations appear in every practice of matter, innumerable teachings appear from myriad forms.

Kensho: Insight into the Essence of one's own Being.

The Pure Luminous Body of the Eternal Essence of Mind.

Immersed in Enlightenment, you yourself are complete. --- Dogen


We are capable of understanding our origins. Let us be clear. Origins in this context implies that which is beyond life and death, space and time. In order to do this we need to contemplate and integrate the Teachings of Enlightenment within ourselves. For example, try to understand this presentation of Tibetan Buddhism, from the Dzogchen perspective: All form is a manifestation of the Diety, All sound is Mantra, All thought is the display of Primordial Awareness. Can you fathom this within your own being? If so, the secret will unfold within you. It may be immediate, or it may require cultivation over time. In any event, the effort is worthwhile, perhaps, far beyond your current understanding.


The Mountain Run

While driving along a winding mountain road in California, heading up toward, 'The Rim of the World', and Lake Arrowhead, flashes of stories from my father surfaced to concious awareness. As I navigated dangerous curves around minimal barriers, whose crossing led to empty space, and valleys far below, I remembered Fangio. The great Argentine racer, a master at the wheel, who took a podium finish in the Mille Miglia, a race now banned. The track ran for a thousand miles across some of the most trecherous, rain slicked mountain roads in Europe. My Dad's voice echoed in my mindfield, "Ronn, remember this, if you're ever in the Mille Miglia, and you want to place as a winner, follow Fangio! He knows the difference between the speeds that win, and the speeds that kill!

Contemplation Theme

Understanding the Divine Essence has nothing to do with belief.

Contemplation Theme

If we do not come together in the Spirit of Enlightened Unity, through human conscious evolution on Earth, the Universe will ultimately generate something else in our place, and we may perish from the face of this planet. Without Conscious Evolution, we are not a viable species for long term continuity in the Cosmos at large.

Contemplation Theme

A warrior must train.


Excerpt from the book, 'Traveller On The Path' by Ronn Parker, Ph.D.

Find The Way, Follow The Path

I am speaking to you now, very formally, because I believe that this is a day that is very important, in living; and for a new genesis of conscious evolution in the matrix of life on this planet.

This may sound somewhat strange, or have an unusual sense about it, however, when people come together anywhere in the world, to talk about Enlightenment, or to talk about travelling on the Path, or following the Way, a galaxy, a new galaxy comes into being somewhere in the universe.

An entire galaxy is born in that instant when Seekers come together to consider these ideas. This may seem esoteric, it may be perceived as unbelievable that a galaxy comes into being because Friends of the Way congregate, yet it is true!

If you recognize that thinking, for instance, is a certain type of energy, and that your very motion is another, then perhaps you can understand how meeting in this way constitutes a special kind of dynamism.

Since we are here for a unique purpose, a singular kind of impulse has been awakened within us. This time that we have together is beyond, or outside normal everyday time as we experience it.

It is said that there exists a star in the cosmos for every traveller that has passed from worldly life. In other words, the moment someone leaves this plane of existence, a new star appears somewhere in the sky. The beauty of the Way is, in part, this: When we begin to look within ourselves for wisdom, not just one star, but a conglomeration of clusters blossom into being, just as the energy transformations of our efforts initiates the birth of a Transpersonal Self.

Remember this: As we are together now, there are in this instant many others in diverse parts of the planet who have met, or are coming together for a similar purpose. We are a wavefront in that Stream of Energy. In light of these events, there is a thing that we should do regardless of whatever else we may do, and it is this: Find the Way, Follow the Path.

Traveller Redux

During my travels across the planet, I have encountered people in Asia, Americas, Africa, Caribbean and Europe, who remind me of an experience I had atop a mountain in the Berkshire Range. I was standing-on-stake in a Qigong posture, absorbing the vast expanse of sky, clouds, rivers, and the extended high terrain surrounding my position. Mundane mindflow vanished into a oneness of immediacy. Remembrance of time eventually unfolded with my descent from the mountaintop.

Meeting relatively new people during my adventure travels, regardless of cultural context, generates a similar oneness of immediacy, until an eventual descent into so-called normalcy.

The more we ascend through the recognition of conscious exspansion, the better our chances of knowing clearly, The Faculty of the Intellect with respect to Perceptive Range. Herein awaits the Secrets of the Immortals.


An idea surfaced in conscious awareness while I was engaged in practicing Qigong. When you are doing Qigong, standing-on-stake style, for example, what you are accessing is the fractal geometry of consciousness. As an exercise on the Path, develop this concept in a meditation based on the Mandelbrot Set.

We need to develop ways of teaching children old knowledge during prenatal development. When they emerge into the world of form, they will already know all, or most of what we have already known for millenia. They can start creating new knowlege much earlier than usual. This can lead to rapid advances in human conscious evolution. For instance, take the multiplication tables, the alphabet, all the basic learning of early childhood. If we can provide this type of knowledge while the child is being developed in the womb, emergence to the world, may be accompanied by advanced consciousness.


The following passage is an excerpt for the book, 'Traveller On The Path', subtitled, The Sufi Model In The Transpersonal Process, A Spectrum Counseling Perspective, by Ronn Parker, Ph.D.


Spectrum Counseling is a design which emerged from the conscious mining and contemplation of Precious Stones. These jewels, ancient, yet perennial, form the Treasures of Wisdom, which cast light on ways of helping human beings become discoverers of themselves, for the purpose of cultivating harmonious empowerment in the task of conscious evolution.

Empowerment here partly implies the development of an ability to recognize, understand and beneficially channel experiential internal phenomena into functional learning which enriches a person's lifepath.

Spectrum Counseling can be understood as a life long practice, a cumulative process in which human beings may cultivate the energy necessary for enhanced performance in practically any endeavor.

The Platform Topology of spectrum counseling includes the following facets: The Transmission of Mind - Phenomenological Essence - Heuristic Phases.

The pattern for personal exploration, discovery and presentation is partly expressed in terms of heuristic and phenomenological platforms, which serve as a weave for qualitative research, however, defining the Transmission of Mind can be a subtly difficult task. Understanding this phenomenon is related to the sensing of a special internal Presence of energy which is uniquely different from most things we have experienced.

This Presence, when active within us, permeates aspects of the mindfield, and can be known when awareness of spontaneous phenomena in consciousness, needs no sustenance through rational thought. Here, for example, is a symbolic form of the Transmission:

The term unity refers to a homogeneous spiritual brilliance which separates into six harmoniously blended 'elements'. The homogeneous spiritual brilliance is the One Mind, while the six harmoniously blended 'elements' are the six sense organs. These six sense organs become severally united with objects that defile them--the eyes with form, the ear with sound, the nose with smell, the tongue with taste, the body with touch, and the thinking mind with entities. Between these organs and their objects arise the six sensory perceptions, making eighteen sense-realms in all. If you understand that these eighteen realms have no objective existence, you will bind the six harmoniously blended 'elements' into a single spiritual brilliance--a single spiritual brilliance which is the One Mind. All students of the Way know this, but cannot avoid forming concepts of 'a single spiritual brilliance' and 'the six harmoniously blended elements'. Accordingly they are chained to entities and fail to achieve a tacit understanding of original Mind. (John Blofeld, 'The Zen Teachings of Huang Po', On The Transmission of Mind, p 41, NY, NY, Grove Press, 1958.)

The immediate impact of this passage, from the transmitted teachings of Zen master, Huang Po, on your conscious awareness, before you generate thought on the subject, is an example of the 'brilliance'.


Internal Visualization - Mindfield Projection - Meditation

It is early December, in late fall, and I am at home, somewhere on the planet, in a major metropolis, looking out the window of my study, close to 04:45 HRS in the morning. In the east, I see Venus, the morning star on my left, and a quarter moon relatively closer to the Earth, to the right of Venus from where I stand. I project an internal visual line across the sky, from the planet Venus, to the moon, forming the base of a giant isoceles triangle that stretches across the heavens, and I become the vertex of a gigantic geometric triangular figure, by projecting two lines from the planet Venus, and the moon, respectively, toward myself on Earth. Venus, moon, and myself, in my mind's eye, I see us linked in triangular form exchanging energies, channeling spirit, linking as one. The planet has been in the east, rising in the morning, as I worked through the night over the last several months. Usually before I retire for the night, I look out the window to greet the planet, and sometimes, the moon is not present. I feel a kinship with this heavenly body, and I sense in some way that it recognizes and understands my being, as my mental field reaches out across the sky to touch it's Essence. We are That which casts Itself upon the shores of an endless sea.

Keep in mind that the Path, our journey on the Path, is a never ending process of perfection in Infinity. It is not a thing, but a process. Try not to nominalize the concept. Here is one of the variations on this theme. The mystic, Rumi, has said that practicing the art of whirling, with respect to the whirling dervishes, is a way of staying centered while moving. This idea brings to mind the martial art of Aikido. The Way of Harmonious Energy! An aikido-ka, or practitioner of Aikido, does the same thing. Aikido is a way of remaining centered while one is in motion! The practice of Aikido is also a spiritual discipline. This concept can be extended to most martial arts training.


Contemplation Themes

How can anyone fathom the Essence, the Tao, except by way of direct contact. This, actually, is ineffable, yet possible.

Although most of the things people speak about are incidental to, and not necessary conditions for existence, the quality of human life depends, to a large extent, on the experience and actualization of mental activity.

Potentially, we have infinite power, yet humanity has problems with managing internal energy, or neurosis, as an example. Post modern neurosis in our culture is a reflection of our as yet undeveloped capacity to channel cosmic energy harmoniously.

Knowledge, real Knowledge is disseminated and moves at different rates in various parts of the world, while Cosmic Law is continuously operational.

Where along the continuum of aggregates does love arise as it is experienced in creation? From the sub atomic perspective, we are all momentarily arising and vanishing. Where and how, within the stream of relative reality, arises the Universe? How is it that we question Its arising?

There are three forces acting in almost any discernible event. There is an active, a passive, and a neutralizing force. The Physical Self, or Faculty of the Self in terms of the Body may be understood as the neutralizing force between the Faculty of the Heart, and the Faculty of the Intellect. Therefore, if possible, study Martial Arts on the Path. Another name for this neutralizing force is, discipline.

The Wise Ones teach that we are moving along an internal pattern of varying designs. Each design, or pattern is self organizing, self sustaining, and each has a possibility of optimizing Itself. Since the dawn of humankind, the preferred pattern in self organization is toward what may be called, Nearness. Any system which adapts a Nearness optimization paradigm, beneficialy develops exceptional potential.

The Path is a journey of mysterious adventure which leads one into the Heart of the Matter, which reflects the Light of the Spirit.


There is a wholeness in the Universe. This integrity can be experienced by Way of the Path of Enlightenment, through study and practice. Sometimes the Path may be difficult, but it is usually mysterious, with an added sense of promise, leading to wonders that are Real!

Strange as it may seem, I have come to understand one of the ways in which Sufis, and other mystic adepts teach telepathy, by deliberately distancing themselves, sometimes, for long periods, from their students. This activates within the student, a mental reaching for contact, that helps to develop and create, or provoke, a telepathic organ of perception. This attribute can be further catalyzed by various ongoing operations and contemplations on certain mystical themes.

The greatest secret in the world is so obvious that it is illusive.

When you become exposed to the pathways and experiences of depth understanding of your Self, or Higher Nature, something begins to develop inside you which transcends your normal personality. This unique and inexplicable sensitivity lives through your body. It becomes awakened within your being, and grows stronger with contemplation of Its attributes and aspects. It begins to take care of you in a beautiful and joyous way.

Although a person can know enlightenment as an individual organism, the experience of enlightenment allows people to function beneficially as global organisms who assist other human beings in the process of conscious evolution.


I awake from an exhilarating dream. In the dream I am in a place of research study, seeking knowledge related to mystical understanding. I speak with a professor who shows me a book that has a painting. This work of art depicts a realtively ancient setting wherein people are extravagantly dressed in apparel of the times. There are several persons in the painting. The professor tells me to run the line of my vision from the upper right corner of the painting, diagonally downward, across the lace collars of clothing, in an S shaped curve. As I trace my line of sight along the S pattern, the people in the painting begin to move, shift, and sometimes dissappear from view. The painting begins to shape shift in my mental eye. The professor then tells me to rotate the orientation of the painting in my hands. As I do this, a different painting appears of someone in modern dress. Now, for some reason, within the dreamscape, I arrive at a realization that there are perspectives in the human mind which are deeply hidden. When one uses the correct approach to discovering them, this produces Enlightened Knowledge of a specific type.

I explain all this to the professor. He listens intently, and when I am finished, he opens the book I had been holding, and within it is another book which had been hidden. This book was written by a well known philosopher mystic. The professor tells me to read the hidden text. Strangely, the professor now seems to be a different person.

I leave the research center in a state of powerful enlightened awareness. As I walk away from the place of study, I meet a group of actors with whom I had previously worked. The play we had performed in together was written by Chekov, and entitled, The Sea Gull. I played the part of Dr. Dorn. I asked the players if any of them had ever eperienced what I had been exposed to at the research study center. Stella said that she had also experienced a similar thing.

The dream was amazing and vivid. I had the dream while falling into a sleep of exhaustion, after having worked through the night, as an actor, playing a detective, in a thriller, filmed in a castle on the desert in California.


This article was submitted to 'The Journal of Qigong in America' for possible publication. The journal is pulished by the National Qigong Association.

The Qi of Taiji

Opening to Illumination

Some time ago I received an e-mail message from the publisher of, Taijiquan Journal, requesting my opinion on Qigong and Taiji teaching requirements. This message stimulated an immediate remembrance of my Teacher Training experience with Dr. Roger Jahnke, of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi, based in Santa Barbara, California. The particular training that I attended was offered through the Omega Institute, located in Hudson Valley, New York, during the late summer and early fall. Dr Jahnke led us through a month long resident program of intense, enlightening, and exhilarating teachings, which included direct teaching experience for all in attendance, as well as exposure to presenters of depth knowledge in Taoist philosophy and martial arts.

I had studied with Roger previously, having attended a one day weekend seminar held at the Open Center, in New York City. This took place some years prior to the Omega training. My praxis in the martial arts had provided opportunities for study with many masters in various disciplines. The teachings of Roger Jahnke, for me, formed a matrix of integral templates, which emphasized healing, and the continuity of internal development. This generates power potentials.

For example, I remember during an exercise at the Omega training, our group of approximately twenty-two students, was working on bone marrow washing. We were standing in a row by column formation, gathering Qi by way of inhalation, and dispelling Qi through exhalation. On each in-breath, we raised our arms toward heaven. I momentarily focused, placed my attention at the top of my head, on the site of the crown charka, and inhaled Cosmic Qi into that spot. Using will and imagery, during each inhalation, I infused Qi throughout my body. This description of infusion can also be described as a feeling; an internal sensitivity to energy flow within. Warm currents of Qi began to flow.

During this particular exercise, a sense of primal awareness blossomed within my mental eye. Life and its usual problematic became instantly resolved, as I stepped through an infinite doorway into the realms of cosmic expansion. There was, within me, a sense of certainty without explanation, beyond mere belief and opinion.

We can apply an analogical perspective here, with respect to self-organizing systems, attractors, and the emergence of a higher level of complexity, or level of order. In other words, when a system, in general, or a human system, in particular, emerges from one state to another, we may experience a movement from relative chaos, or fluctuating instability to an enhanced level of relative stability. For example, going from sickness to health, may be understood as a form of emergence to a more beneficial state of being. In psychological states there are higher orders of understanding which fluctuate between ignorance and enlightened knowledge. Chaos represents the fluctuations and change within states. Enlightenment represents the higher order of complexity which emerges as real knowledge. Practicing Qigong and Taiji generates higher order states of enlightenment. This can lead to human beings becoming attractors of cosmic energy and, ultimately, of Divine Illumination!


The direct experience of Qi flow within my body was, perhaps, the most dramatic internal sensing I had ever known. My initial practice of Qigong began with a book I purchased from a Sufi Center in Tribeca, New York City. I was interested in the text because of my training in martial arts. I thought that studying Qigong would allow me to project a focused power across empty space. I was a neophyte practitioner at the time. I began with the demanding exercise of standing-on-stake, a form of Zhan Zhuang Qigong which I learned from reading the book entitled, 'Chi Gong: The Ancient Chinese Way to Health', written by Paul Dong, and Aristede H. Esser, MD. I still have the volume, among many others on the subject by now.

During my early days of study and practice, I held various Qigong postures for relatively long periods of time, increasingly moving from five minutes up to thirty minutes, and sometimes even up to fifty per posture. Initially, the questions in my mind were: What is Qigong? How will I recognize it within my own being? Would my intellect help me to directly understand? I knew from my previous and ongoing experience with the practice of Taijiquan, the Supreme Ultimate Fist, the Heart of all martial arts, that similar questions had been answered to some degree. I learned from the practice of Aikido, that the Way of Harmonious Energy was a direct experience, beyond words.

A survey of my notes from the Omega lectures of Dr. Jahnke, on Qigong and TaiChi (Taiji), provide indications of answers to my questions. The idea of initial alignment of the mind-body complex is important in terms of three intentful corrections concerning posture, breath and mind. The idea of the ubiquitous Taiji Yin-Yang symbol, as a partial representation of body and spirit, is important in fostering internal balance and harmony. The ideas about gathering, storing, transforming, circulating, dissolving and transmitting energy, are important with respect to self-healing, and the confirmation within a personal Self, on the nature of how to be. During the time at Omega, Dr. Jahnke also introduced us to a brilliant and effective form of Taiji and Qigong he created, which introduced a student to a synthesis of Taijiquan. This allowed a novice to learn an Integral Taiji Qigong composed of twelve brief forms, moving from alignment to closure. All this provided us with well formed intentions which removed blockages and obstructions from our potential for natural flow. Therefore, practice produced immediate answers for me, in the form of feeling and sensitivity, in terms of new energy pathways, filled with tendrils and tides of warmth, and occasional eruptions of heat throughout my entire body.

Prior to Omega, in the initial time of study, I worked solo in the evenings, practically everyday in my studio styled apartment. I continued my studies of Qigong with other texts, and by way of my computer as well, when possible. At that time, Internet web resources were not as pervasive as they are today. Several months after I began practicing Qigong on my own, I had an opportunity to study with a living master, at the New York Open Center in Manhattan, New York City. By then I had already introduced a friend, colleague, and fellow martial artist to Qigong. We signed up for the seminar together.

Open Center

A Qigong adept, Dr. Shen Hongxun, O.M.D., led the seminar. He was listed in the catalog of courses as a Qigong specialist from Shanghai; well known in China, with experience of teaching in European universities; specifically at Ghent in Belgium, and Venice in Italy. This was an evening seminar about Qi and Buqi methods. It promised to be an introduction to healing and spontaneous movement.

I held no preconceived expectations. There were approximately thirty five people in the group attending the seminar. We sat on folding chairs, in a relatively large room at the Open Center. Dr. Shen was dressed in a white jacket and slacks, and he was accompanied by an attending female assistant. He began to speak in a heavily accented, and highly pitched tone of English, which to me, sounded somewhat unintelligible, as if he was suffering from a bad head cold. My initial reaction was one of disappointment in not being able to clearly understand what he was saying. However, as he continued to speak and gesture with his hands, a subtle understanding began to blossom within me. He explained the spontaneous sensations and movements which occur within Qigong practitioners in receiving transmitted Qi, or when cultivating internal Qi. Dr. Shen demonstrated his explanations after his talk was over, by asking us to stand-on-stake while forming various Qigong postures.

In one particular exercise, he had us standing, facing a wall, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and arms extended forward toward the wall, palms pressing through space. We were instructed to press as hard as possible, in the eye of the mind, against the wall. We alternated between mental states of pressing through the wall, and relaxation. During the relaxation phase, we stood with our arms held as if we were holding a large ball against our abdomens, palms facing in toward our bodies. All the while, as we practiced this technique, Dr. Shen moved among us, observing our efforts. A few people became overtly stimulated during the set. Some began crying, others started to bounce up and down.

An unusually strange phenomenon occurred within me as well. My eyes were closed at the time. I felt the edge of my left hand begin to flutter and vibrate at high velocity. It felt as if a site specific wave of energy had invaded my palm and worked its way to the edge of my hand. At first I imagined that Dr. Shen had done some sort of energy transmission near me. This was not so. I was told later, by his assistant, that what I had experienced was, perhaps, a form of, sick Qi, leaving my body during the exercise.

After the seminar, I went home and began practicing immediately, since, so to speak, I felt positively charged up from my exposure to the Qigong group and master. During my session at home, I experienced unusual electrical phenomena, by way of a crackling internal sound accompanied by a sensation of being zapped by a spark. The experience brought to mind a feeling of having momentarily become a human capacitor! Needless to say, it was a totally new phenomena for me, and extremely startling. Over time, there have been other esoteric exposures.

Those were the early days of my praxis. Since then, I have studied whenever possible, with many teachers. Among them were: Nan Lu, O.M.D., Bruce Kumar Francis, Ph.D., Yang Jwing-Ming, Ph.D., Roger Jahnke, O.M.D., Mantak Chia, Fong Ha, Tzu Kuo Shih, and C. C. Chen. Over the years of study and practice, the benefits of these mind-body disciplines have been extensive, in terms of helping to heal self and others, general health enhancement, and spiritual illumination.

Closure and Continuity

Since my completion of Teacher Training with Dr. Roger Jahnke at the Omega Institute in the New York Hudson Valley range, I have been prepared to teach Qigong and Taijiquan. I have, so far, taught a course at a Community College in my area, and provided private lessons to people who have contacted me through my web listing with the National Qigong Association. This necessary and enlightening work is continuous.

In closing, I present a quote which usually appears at the end of most e-mail messages sent out to our Qi Family, from Dr. Roger Jahnke:

When you cultivate balance and harmony within yourself, or in the world, That is Tai Chi. When you work and play with the essence and energy of life, nature and the universe for healing, clarity and inner peace, That is Qigong.


Excerpt from 'Traveller On The Path': The Sufi Model In The Transpersonal Process, A Spectrum Counseling Perspective.

Note on context: The Faculties referenced below are:
....Faculty of the Self in terms of the Body....
....Faculty of the Heart in terms of Emotional Energy....

....Faculty of the Intellect in terms of Perceptive Range....
These faculties have been previously mentioned in this weblog.

A contemplation on the meaning of mandala, as an effort to extract what is essential for conscious evolution from the patterns of our lives, enjoins us further to the task of spectrum counseling.

With respect to the Theme of Triplets, extraction of their essence can be extrapolated as a trans-sacred universal mandala, represented by phenomenal triplets, some of which are more familiar than others. The triplet comprised of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is extensively used in the Christian tradition. Among the Buddhists, the idea of the Trikaya (The Triple Vehicle), is expressed in terms of three flavors of existence represented by, Dharmakaya, which can be understood as being descriptive of the primordial field of existence; Sambhogakaya, which in turn indicates the pristine potentialities of luminosity and clarity of Mind within the field, and Nirmanakaya, or the continuous, never ending manifestation of energy in the universe as organisms, and so forth.

Among the Sufis, the concept of a triad of forces noted as, Active, Passive, and Neutralizing, which continuously interact in influencing the flow of existence, is not uncommon. The Taoist idea of Yin and Yang, and the subtle, illusive boundary between these two radiants, is yet another example of a universal triplet.

The Creative Potential in human beings across the ages, brought to fruition through experiential knowledge, discovered and generated these transcultural triplets. Although they are articulated in different ways, clearly, they contain a congruency in terms of pattern deployment effects.

A further example of a triplet pattern, or mandala, is found in the Manifest Faculties in which we are engaged.

Cultivation of an internal focus on their nuances of meaning can produce new perceptive encounters that stimulate transpersonal experience.

The Theme of Triplets phenomena traverse the great spiritual traditions, but they are not necessarily used in therapeutic psychological systems. They can be useful in that context. For example, a large, potentially stressful environment, similar to a metropolis, may be conceptualized as a mandala from which one must extract essence as often as possible. Entering such a mandala on a daily basis, with the intention of harmoniously extracting essence by way of implementing Self-Observation on the fluctuation of our own faculties is an effective exercise.

If the concepts concerning extraction of essence are not contemplated, dominance of one of the faculties may prevail, just as dominance of a prevailing pattern of expression is manifested through particular traditions. This is not necessarily a negative happening, however, a part of the spectrum counseling effort entails being aware of the effects of these universal qualifiers within ourselves. Cultivating this consciousness provides us with a sense of being able to comprehensively monitor ongoing life events, with an eye toward maintaining an energy balance conducive to conscious evolution.

The Gestalt is one of harmony when the three Faculties blend internally. Distinguishing this harmony from specific experiences of dominant nodes allows us to understand when, and which capacity is prevalent.

Another way of thinking about these ideas is to say that working with them begins to free the energy in the brain, which is used for processing the unwanted, negative impulses that accelerates neurosis. Working within these energy matrices is working with unveiling Essence. The more Essence extracted, the more its Presence permeates the conscious control and awareness of our human forms. In spectrum counseling this process is referred to as, Tuning to the Essence.


The following article was published in, 'Aikido East', USAF (United States Aikido Federation) Eastern Region Online Newsletter, Volume 3, 2004.

The Path Of Aikido

I remember the day. It was thirty minutes before the beginning of Black Belt testing in Aikido, at the New York Aikikai. There was I, driving around the streets, near the Dojo in Manhattan, in search of a parking space, with no luck; nothing in sight. I gave up the hunt with no time to spare, pulled into a pay for parking lot, and hurried to the Dojo.

I vaulted the stairs, three at a time, and my heartbeat began to pace upward. The place was loaded with spectators, families and friends, and of course, many aikidoka of varied ranks were already on the mat. Those of us testing for Shodan, first degree black belt, ultimately had to defend ourselves against free style, multiple attacks by four or five black belts, in a format called, randori. All in all, a formidable task, and randori was only a partial requirement, not to mention numerous techniques, including working with weapons.

"Calm down. Hold center," an inner voice admonished as I politely worked my way through the crowd toward the dressing room.

On the previous evening I had been watching Sensei Yoshimitsu Yamada's tapes on advanced Aikido techniques, perhaps in hope of absorbing some intangible substance that would assist me. The two Shihan, Sensei Yamada, and Sensei Seiichi Sugano, at the New York Aikikai have been an inspiration to us over the years. As I studied the video, my secret wish was for a form of magic, which would allow the electromagnetic screen images to permeate my own being with the prowess of the masters.

Just before I entered the dressing room, I saw Sensei Yamada sitting on a couch near the doorway.
"Sensei," I said, "I was watching one of your tapes last night."
"Last minute..." he said.

He was, of course, correct, for in my mind, every second of training, mental and physical mattered. On that previous evening, I had also created an internal meditation matrix, out of which flowed an Aikido fugue. During contemplation, I worked through all the testing patterns of combat. There was, of course, no assurance that the sequence of live action in the Dojo would follow my meditation exercises. The requirements for black belt, first level, at the New York Aikikai, are well known for demanding comprehensive rigor. Our Senseis call it as they call it. One must be ready.

I changed from street clothes to martial arts Gi quickly, and stepped up to the entrance which led onto the mat. I bowed toward the Dojo's alter which beautifully enclosed a large photo image of Aikido's founder, O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, with a racked display of weapons, bokken and jo, sword and staff, blended with a vase of flowers, and a scroll with, Aikido, printed vertically in Kanji characters. From any position on the mat, the alter is an esthetic pleasure to behold.

On this testing day, the mat was packed with men and women of varying ages, awaiting their moment of truth. I spotted two friends, Peter Kalamaras, and Marc Olden, across the mat, and against the wall. I crossed over to join them. Half the mat space from rear to midpoint was covered by seated aikidoka who were waiting to be tested. The exams would run from fifth kyu ranks all the way through first degree black belt, and beyond. The other half of the mat was empty. This provided space for testing three sets of two people at a time.

The low murmur of conversation ceased as Sensei Yamada, and Sensei Sugano took their places on the mat, near the entranceway. They sat in seiza, a kneeling meditation posture, wherein the body forms a human pyramid, with a triangle as its base. They would administer the test from their positions. Sensei examined some papers before he called names of students to come forward. Testing was in progress. Time passed relatively slowly as I observed others in action. They moved through the energy projections, locks, pins, throws, and breath control of Aikido techniques, moving from the mat-ground work of suwari waza, and upward. It could be said that the aikidoka, in my mind's eye, had become bridges between Heaven and Earth. A unique metaphor for an Aikido technique called, tenchi nage.

My own physical movement was relatively restricted for more than an hour. I massaged my feet and legs every now and then to maintain blood flow. Peter, Marc, and I exchanged occasional low key comments and grunts of approval, as we admired the techniques on display. A crucial part of testing includes maintaining one's center, and cultivating patience while awaiting the call to action. I spent part of my internal wait-state mapping out a fighting strategy to be used during randori. This intentional assault against me, during testing, was partly designed to examine my combat capabilities.

Finally, our names came up, as if from an exit through a dream doorway, casting me back into the immediate moment.
"Ronn, Marc." Sensei Yamada's voice. A call to action!
Marc and I got up quickly and took our positions. Two other testing teams were called up with us. Sensei shuffled more papers, studying a segment of our records.
"You guys are almost as old as I am," he said, referring to me and Marc.
"Hai, Sensei," we answered simultaneously.
Nervous laughter rippled briefly through the Dojo. A secret smile played across Sensei Sugano's countenance.

And then, we began.

Sensei Yamada called the first technique; Marc attacked, and I defended. Our roles would be reversed somewhere within the warrior stream, of attack and counterattack. Nage's moves, the person defending, may be experienced as potentially crippling counter techniques. For me, the ideal is found in a perfect blend. When possible, this approach dampens the possibility of potential injury.

Time vanished as Marc and I engaged in Aikido. During the end of our encounter, we used weapons against each other. Bokken and jo. I was perspiring profusely when we bowed out. My Gi hung damp and heavy from sweat against my skin. The next phase would be randori, but this would not occur until the first phase was completed for all concerned. I had some time for a rest period before being sent up against several black belts. I was certain that whoever they were, they would attack me simultaneously with great vigor.

I sat near the wall, leaning lightly against it, remaining aware of the vibrancy of immediate open ended Presence, for as long as the state lasted. The action of others flowed onward until, at last, randori!

I heard the call, and moved with some swiftness to my indicated position on the mat. I sat in seiza. This time my heels were up, and I held position on my toes. Five black belts aligned themselves facing me. They formed a horizontal line, each sitting in seiza as well. They were about six or seven feet away. We bowed together and on Sensei's signal, the action began. Everyone moved concurrently. I focused my immediate attention on the attacker on my left. I headed straight toward him and dropped down to the mat, just before collision with him. He rolled across my back. I stood quickly, turning to my right to face the onslaught.

"Move, Ronn. Move!"

I heard Sensei's command as if from a distance. For a second, the action seemed to be static, frozen. All of us awaiting an advance from the other , but only for a moment. I attacked the nearest black belt. The static-freeze disappeared. A blur of action filled with kokyu, breath throws, ukemi, falling, and bruises followed. Suddenly, another signal from Sensei stopped the activity. We bowed out and took positions on the mat as spectators, once more. My trial by combat, for a time was over.

I relaxed within a mindframe mixed with thoughts of the potential mystical origins of the black belt. In essence, its significance at one level indicated an initiatory level of learning, in martial arts training. I remembered my curiosity about the color of the belt, and I had asked Sensei Sugano about it. His explanation included the idea of using a black belt for indicating skill levels in Judo, through the authority of the Kodokan, in Japan. I remembered the Sufi concepts concerning 'Black Light', as being symbolic of warriorship and some forms of mystical perception, with respect to, Hidden Treasure, stellar space, Light of the Divine Self, and onward. These ideas catalyzed other thoughts about progress on the Path, and Aikido as a way of traveling. The Dojo is a place where a practitioner can meet others of similar mind-bodies, who are conscious beings through which the universe experiences Itself. Light then becomes the internal understanding of external energy. In a special way, Aikido training may be experienced as a refinement and purification pathway of the soul. The stream of my mindfield entered the earlier evening before the black belt test, as I observed Sensei Yamada's videos on advanced Aikido methods, marveling at the masterful fluidity of his movement.

A flash of sound interrupted my reverie as someone turned over in mid air, landing in a breakfall thunder slap performance that snapped me back to real-time. All testing was finished. Randori was over for all combatants.

On reflection, these events occurred some years ago, and for this telling, they have been telescoped in time. Yet, my lifestream along the Path, punctuated by the joy and pain we encounter on the battlefield of life, has been illuminated through my study and praxis of Aikido.


Astro physicists look for extra terrestrial communication signals coming from, or through space to our planet. Let us speculate that perhaps the ET communication is not traversing, or coming through interstellar space, but is within the Akashic field, also known as the Quantum Vacuum, which is interstellar space! We must find a way to uravel the secrets of the Akashic field.

I recently returned from a NQA (National Qigong Association) conference on martial arts. Most of the seminars I attended were held by adepts who presented on Acupressure healing techniques for relieving pain, as well as Qigong methods, and Taijiquan forms. The conference was held at the Kripalu meditation center in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts; a beautiful setting for internal work on Self and others. There were demonstrations in Kung Fu, and Taijiquan as well. At the seminars, I was fortunate to have experienced relief from neck pain which I incurred over many years of Aikido praxis, and which bothers me occasionally, over time. Eight acupuncture sessions some time ago did provide relief for a relatively long period, until recently, when it reappeared. During an acupressure session, I volunteered for treatment. The expert working on me placed acupressure on two point along the left side of my neck, and two points on my lower neck area. Pressure was maintained for a period of time. While undergoing treatment, I began to feel a warm flow of Qi, starting in my legs and flowing upward throughout my body. I know Qi flow well, since I have been a practitioner of Qigong and Taijiquan for some time, and I have worked in a teaching capacity with others. My neck pain dissolved, and since the conference, it has not returned. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridian pathways, and acupressure points in the body, may be viewed as strings on a violin, or holes on a flute, which when played with an expert's touch, can produce healing harmonies in the human body.


Excerpt from, 'Traveller On The Path':

The Supreme Warrior

The Mind is our battlefield. The mindfield is an awesome field of fire, with all Its dangers and beauty; and we are the warriors upon it. The Supreme Warrior finds the Way, and follows the Path. Always. There is no future or past. We set the future and past with our actions, generated by the flow of the mindfield in each moment. The flow of Mind determines past, present, and future. See yourself in each moment watching the flow of your access to the mindfield, and you will know yourself in the unfolding moment, beyond words!


Humanity must consciously evolve beyond its problems in order to solve them. Consciously evolving requires engagement on the Path of Enlightenment. This has meaning in terms of all the sacred traditions and their practices; especially the practice of meditation in all its forms.


This weblog entry is an excerpt from an artice I wrote, published in, Aikido Today journal, #27, Vol. 7, No. 1; April/May 1993. 'The Budokan Run': Following the Path of Enlightenment to Japan.

I was absorbed beyond time, in the Sufi mandala pattern on the cover of, A Derviswh Textbook, by Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi, when I looked up and saw "AIKIDO MARTIAL ART" in bold block letters on an old poster I keep pinned to the wall. In the center of the poster is a photograph of Yamada Sensei throwing an Aikidoka who seems to be swirling in orbit around him. In the background of the picture, a small image of O'Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba--genius, mystic, and founder of Aikido--appears to be smiling. I sense a positive creative energy in the movement, and I begin to write on Aikido and the Path of Enlightenment.

I had recently returned from a journey in Japan where I had travelled with three Aikido masters and with Aikido students from Canada, Curacao, France, Germany, and the U.S.. One of the masters--my teacher, Yamada Sensei--had designed the itinerary so that we would experience the practice of Aikido in modern as well as traditional Japanese settings.

More than sixty of us travelled together, communicating in various languages. All the while we lived in the moment, eradicating and creating time at will, guided by Kanai Sensei, Tamura Sensei, and Yamada Sensei. Each of these men, in his own way, served as an example of living Aikido, as applied not only in the dojo, but on the battlefield of everyday life.

Where should I start the story? Perhaps at the seascape in Tanabe where early one morning, an observer could see a line of Aikidokas, hiking across a lengthy seawall that led toward lodgings in the distance. Or perhaps at our Great Teacher, O'Sensei's tomb, where each of us took turns burning incense, paying homage, and praying for guidance on the Path. Or perhaps at the Budokan in Nagoya, a center constructed for the study of enlightened warriorhsip, where many students practice several forms of martial arts, including Aikido, Judo, Karate, and Kyudo. Or perhaps on the mats, at the National Aikido Demonstrations in Tokyo, where our group represented Canada, Europe, and America.

The essence of all martial arts is spiritual discipline, which ultimately leads to conscious illumination. Whether they know it or not, students of the martial arts are disciples of teachers who travel Paths similar to those traveled by Sufis, Zen adepts, students of Hindu Vedanta, Christian monks, and devotees of Tibetan Buddhism. In this sense, martial arts and meditation are closely related, and Aikido is the quintessential martial art. It is a Pathway that can guide people beyond mere opinion and belief to a centered clarity and permanence. After all, didn't O'Sensei say, in a moment of mystical enchantment, "I am the Universe"?

....outside the Shogun's Palace, in Kyoto, I asked Tamura Sensei a question that had been catalyzed five years earlier, when I had seen my first Aikido demonstration at Hunter College in New York City. Surrounded by six men (all black belts) who were vigorously slashing at him with bokken, Tamura Sensei smiled and threw his attackers around the mat, with an elegance of power that made his actions look stunning but effortless. I had studied Ninjutsu, Karate, and Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) and had seen perfomances by many martial arts adepts, but never before had I experienced the magic of Aikido. I distinctly remember thinking at the time, "What was in Tamura Sensei's mind when he engaged in action?" Now, years later, there he was, waiting for a group of schooll children to enter the Palace grounds ahead of us.

I asked him the question: Sensei, what was in you mind at the time?"
"Moi?", he answered in French, smiling as he spoke, "Me?" Then he touched his chin pensively and said three words: "Nothing. Void. Empty."

A student from Canada laughed and asked me, "Did you get your answer?" I certainly had--the same answer I had read about and contemplated in meditation for many years. During certain stages of Aikido training, students are taught techniques that assist them in becoming centered and balanced while they are engaged in movement. At the level of action practiced by a master, all conscious effort vanishes. It is as if one is certain of one's True Nature.

O'Sensei left a legacy for the modern day Samurai--an effective and harmonious Way of using cosmic energy, Ki, for creative human development. I take this opportunity to thank all teachers of Aikido for spreading the Way throughout the world.


Excerpt from, 'Traveller On The Path'.

Some years ago, and engineering student wrote a letter to Dr. Albert Einstein, requesting the professor's help in unraveling the mystery of the meaning of life. The last paragraph of Einstein's response is:

"Nevertheless, we all feel that it is indeed very reasonable and important to ask ourselves how we should try to conduct our lives. The answer is, in my opinion: satisfaction of the desires and needs of all, as far as this can be achieved, and achievement of harmony and beauty in human relationships. This presupposes a good deal of conscious thought and self-education. It is undeniable that the enlightened Greeks and the old Oriental sages had achieved a higher level in this all-important field than what is alive in our schools and universities."

This website is for you, if you value enlightenment. Note that the factors which foster geo-socio-political problematics across the planet, are composed of three variables: Power, Fear, and Greed. These variables may be understood as complex entities, in a matrix of mental equations, that are relatively insoluble within the mundane mentation of humankind, on a global scale. When the solution to these equations become resolved internally, within all human beings, at all levels of activity across the planet, conscious evolution may begin to emerge, as a wisdom option. This wisdom option can then be selected by humanity to evolve beyond the ravages of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who inevitably and inexorably ride in our time: Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death. Then, perhaps, we can emerge as the potential Cosmic Beings that we are, to expand and grow across Infinity. This is the potential legacy of humankind. Find the Way, Follow the Path.


Contemplation Theme -

From a relative beginning, out of Cosmic Divine Infinity, physical systems such as stardust, galaxies, stellar and planetary systems evolved. From the elementals contained within physcial systems, evolved biological systems, including life forms. From the elementals contained within the biological systems of life forms, evolved conscious systems, including human beings. Conscious systems such as humans are voluntarily evolving consciously. The capacity for conscious evolution has been within humans for centuries. The mecahanisms and teachings are found in the spiritual traditions, technologies, and sciences, ancient and modern, that are available for developing internal wisdom and enlightenment. Find the Way, Follow the Path.


Meditation found to increase brain size/ Mental calisthenics bulk up some layers /*By William J. Cromie * Harvard News Office: People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don't. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. Brain scans they conducted reveal that experienced meditators boasted increased thickness in parts of the brain that deal with attention and processing sensory input. In one area of gray matter, the thickening turns out to be more pronounced in older than in younger people. That's intriguing because those sections of the human cortex, or thinking cap, normally get thinner as we age. "Our data suggest that meditation practice can promote cortical plasticity in adults in areas important for cognitive and emotional processing and well-being," says Sara Lazar, leader of the study and a psychologist at Harvard Medical School. "These findings are consistent with other studies that demonstrated increased thickness of music areas in the brains of musicians, and visual and motor areas in the brains of jugglers. In other words, the structure of an adult brain can change in response to repeated practice."Full article:

Reminder: Follow the conscious evolution imperative. Find the Way, Follow the Path.


Excerpt from, 'Traveller On The Path' by Ronn Parker, Ph.D. Infinity Publishing.

The following excerpt is part of a conversation taking place between graduate students, in an advanced seminar, and the Spectrum Counselor (the author) who is engaging the class in a discussion on a meditation method known as, Self Observation. The dialogues in the actual text are extensive. This is a brief excerpt. Keep in mind that the purpose of this weblog is for creating an internal environment for the reader interested in actualizing conscious evolutionary practices within themselves.

Student: How do you separate the emotional from the intellectual mind? What is the mind, if not the emotions and the intellect?

Spectrum Counselor: The way in which one can separate the Heart from the Intellect is by way of Self-Observation which requires a kind of unruffled internal vigilance on what is occurring in your mindfield's flow most of the time, no matter where you are, or who may be with you. The mindfield is practically infinite, yet it is sensed within you, and outside you through others every day. Practicing Self-Observation allows you to see directly. If for instance, you want to purify the Faculty of the Heart in terms of emotional control, then you have to be able to see the mind doing what it is doing in the moment. Observe without being taken; observe the ebb and flow of the mindtide. Does that make any sense? Even in pleasant situations, with good feelings, try to objectively observe the flow of feelings as they rise and fall within you. Going through, for example, one's morning ritual; focus as you go about your tasks. Even in sleep, one can give one's self a kind of post sleep suggestion about maintaining awareness during the sleep state. These kinds of practices lead to nodes of awareness wherein thought vanishes, and perceptive ranges expand. When this happens the energy usually used up in mundane mind drift can be used by the brain in functioning more efficiently. So, by study and practice, you're not only beginning to purify the Heart in terms of emotions, but purification of the Self in terms of the body, through enhanced brain funfction, takes place as well.


Dreamscape -

I am in a beautiful dream. My brother and I are guests of the Sufi Master, Rumi. We are located at a Dervish Center, which perhaps, is somewhere in Konia, Turkia. We are invited to stay at the Center while travelling in the region. Rumi personally administers our stay. He gives us a tour of the Center, all the while giving us Teachings on the Path. When our tour is over, we are invited to rest. We lay on elaborately decorated, arabesque patterned sleeping platforms. During our time of sleep, I dream that I am in a dream, wherein Rumi is sprinkling Holy Water over us as we dream. This is my impression. In fact, I can actually feel the physical drops of water being sprinkled on me. I enter a deeper mystical state where a series of wonderful visions come into being. The internal sensitiviy is almost beyond description. Subsequently, we awake and decide to perform ritual ablutions. On completion of our tasks we emerge once more onto the grounds of the Dervish Center. We are greeted by other seekers and become engaged in conversation.

For me, this dream is a kind of blessing, and a remembrance. This is the kind of dream I have experienced before, while I was intensely engaged in Sufi Studies. The current experience is a way of spanning the normal space-time continuum.


Excerpt from, Traveller On The Path -

Work on Faculty of the Self as related to the Body

In this area of work, we develop the concept of learning how to focus awareness in the body. Cultivating this special awareness allows a practitioner to experience the dynamic of Qi (pronounced as 'Chi' in Chinese), or Ki (pronounced as 'Key' in Japanese), as the flow of subtle and dramatic sensations within the body. This unique energy of Essence called Qi, has tremendous potential for healing, as well as self-defense.

For refinement of the Self with respect to the body, the best forms are bodywork conceptualized as meditation on movement. Movement here can range across the spectrum from extremely slow to rapid action. Most sports activity, if practiced with the intention of focused concentration, can be placed in this context, along with disciplines of dance, Feldenkrais methods, and similar studies.

From a spectrum counseling perspective, the emphasis is on Orental Martial Arts. Three styles in particular are recommended: Aikido, Qigong, and Taijiquan.

There are, of course, other martial forms such as the various styles of Karate, Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, and so on, which all provide beneficial ways of training the bodymind. The three preferred styles mentioned provide almost immediate access to the concepts of channeling energy within the bodymind through focused attention, which helps a practitioner in actualizing intention.

Of the three, Aikido demands the most rigorous physical activity initially, while Chi Gong, and Tai Chi are readily accessed by almost anyone, of any age, providing tangible, and sometimes dramatic health benefits directly. These disciplines are synonymous in terms of providing ways in which practitioners can learn to harness, channel and project energy within and outside the body as this flow is related to internal healing, and external protection.

Roughly, the meaning of terms are as follows:

Aikido = The Way of Harmonious Energy
Qigong = Working with Internal Energy
Taijiquan = The Supreme Ultimate Fist

Excerpt from, Traveller On The Path, from Infinity Publishing -

Study and practice of Self-Observation, as well as other meditation forms, requires patience in understanding and realigning one's personality quirks and traits, as these qualities are affected by the unfolding fluid dynamics of the Faculties within the Stages of the Self.

The spectrum counseling matrix of methodologies used during the heuristic phase of work, is applied in terms of those techniques which facilitate unification of the Faculties. Psychoanalytic and pychotherapeutic approaches are not specifically concerned with Faculty purification processes, however, for some people the effects of these disciplines may be a pre or corequisite for spectrum counseling work.

A certain degree of disciplined intentional consistency toward Self-Exploration is necessary for one to flourish in spectrum counseling practice. Preliminary psychotherapeutic efforts can be useful in this context, depending on a practitioner's needs. Analysts and therapists may find that spectrum counseling is a valuable resource in their personal development.


The following excerpt is taken from the book called, 'Traveller On The Path', by Ronn Parker, Ph.D.. Dr Parker is the creator, and holder of the service mark on, 'Spectrum Counseling', a relatively new process designed to enhance human conscious evolution:

Keep in mind that the transform focus of spectrum counseling is related to applying high performance training concepts--associated with the teachings of sacred wisdom--in the counseling process, as centered in self counsel, and working with others. High performance here also implies human activity which fosters conscious evolution in daily life.

Following this practice includes actualizing the ideal definitions of counseling, which entail a person being encouraged and guided toward understanding the cognitive foundation of personal constructs, maximizing life's opportunities, enhancing decision making knowledge, and in general, becoming a whole person.

These ideas generate a new cynosure for communications theory in terms of spectrum counseling, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as special forms of high performance information systems used for intra and inter-human communications, for knowledge acquisition through transpersonal psychological practices.

Given our current planetary predicament, it is reasonalbe to postulate that much of fragmented consciousness, and overalll nervous imbalance in human beings are related to a persons neglect towards integrating life's experiences in a holistic fashion. While engaged in this special work, practitioners can help to alleviate the phenomenon of suffering within themselves, and in so doing, help to transmit harmony on a world scale by way of a participation in the Transmission of Mind.

This communication is one of the characteristics of Essence. It intermittently surfaces in operation in humanity beyond the ordinary dimensions of reality. The quality of one's receptivity towards the Transmission is related to several variables which include, focus, intention, preparation, contact, study, practice, exploration, and discovery. The Transmission takes place through several media which include, mind to mind, texts, symbols, rituals, sensory representations, teaching and audition, and specific types of concentration, contemplation and meditation exercises.

During the spectrum counseling exploration process, people work in these bands of energy regardless of whatever else they may be doing in their lives. In this way, during the unfolding of Initiation, we cultivate and enhance the two variables of focus, and intention, as purified channels of access to the Transmission. During this time, incipient telepathic capacities of a special taste may begin to emerge.


Conflict resolution across the planet requires correct communication applications; not necessarily from a technological or geo-political perspective, but from an intra-human scope. I have referred to intra-human communications previously in this weblog. It is a phrase invented in my doctoral dissertation, which refers to the ability of human beings in resolving internal conflict through the appliction of skillful means, using meditation forms. Here is an excerpt from one of my books, entitled, 'Traveller On The Path':

Normally, these days, when we speak about communications theory, we tend to mean the mulltitude of technological methods used in global information exchange and processing, prevalent and useful in media, industry, government, education and other forms of social institutional interactions, supported by wonderful applications of hard and soft science research.

Spectrum Counseling introduces practitioners to new postulates in communications theory which are transpersonal and intra-human. Heuristic methods serve as maps or research vessels in which relatively new patterns of internal information flow are investigated. The structures of these techniques are formulated circuits which help to channel internal exchanges in a relatively noise free fashion, which also are advantageous in tuning for receptivity of the Transmission of Mind. This is a signal pulsed across the planet at various times by enlightened adepts in various spiritual traditions, for those who are receptive to recognizing it.

Practice may, or may not lead a person toward a specific spiritual Path. In either case, the transformative effects of practice may enhance Real Spirituality in people; an inner quality that transcends our worldy selves to contact the deepest layers of our Universal Heart.

This contact is crucial for all concerned in resolving planetary conflicts.


Today I went to an Aikido class at the Dojo. I was struck, as I often am, that on entering the Dojo, there begins a process of what I experience as the beginning, once more, of a purification of the soul. This purification inspires me in rememberance of the understanding that although the world seems infinitely chaotic, Aikido and other disciplines of similar nature, can purify the mind to the point where enlightenment and illumination prevails. The negative aspects of humanity fall away in the recognition that infinite expansion is possible, and that humanity is consciously evolving in spite of our detrimental actions at times. I remember this: Conscious evolution is the way beyond ignorance.

Each individual is responsible for his or her own positive internal development. Keep in mind that you can conceptualize the Universe within your own being. The infinite capacity extant in the cosmos can be imaged, or imagined and experienced internally in a human being. This is possible on a daily basis. Whether we are aware of this or not is incidental. Humanity will not make much progress until most of us across the planet implement the facets of conscious evolution within ourselves. This can be done by seeking knowledge and mystical understanding; study and practice on the Path. Therefore, regardless of whatever you may be doing, if you want progress on the Earth, evolve your Self!

Some say that there is much negative energy throughout the world at any given moment. Others indicate that human beings are consciously evolving regardless of apparent ignorance. Both ideas are simultaneously true, depending on interpretation, and are important in understanding and solving the basis of human suffering. Create a meditation matrix wherein you can contemplate the relevance of these principles, as they relate to your own well being. Eventually you may be able to contribute in helping others.


An experience of Initiation in terms of Dzogchen:
Some years ago I attended a series of seminars on Tibetan Buddhism - Dzogchen Teachings - at Columbia University. This presentation on wisdom was given by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. I used the seminars as partial fulfillment of requirements for a Ph.D. degree in, Transpersonal Psychology and Communications, at The Union Institute & University. At the seminar's end, I waited patiently with others, each in turn, to have a brief, personal audience with Rinpoche. I remember one lady showing him photographs of a child, and asking him for healing blessings for the youngster. I wanted to thank him for his teachings, and if possible, shake his hand. When my turn came, I approached Rinpoche, who was seated. I extended my hand, he took it, and we shook hands. I remember clasping his hand in both of mine, and saying, "Thank you, Rinpoche," as I looked directly into his eyes. For a brief time, with respect to my immediate perception, his eyes changed color, from normal, to crimson red with points of white light sparkling in them. That direct experience gave me a sense of having been exposed to a tacit dimension of being beyond the common space-time continuum.


Inhale the life enhancing Light of the Universe through the crown chakra, while you are standing in a relaxed Qigong posture. Allow the luminous energy to traverse your entire body. Stop your inhalation for a moment, when the body is filled with Light, and mentally press the Light into the bone marrow of the body, gently. Feel the subtle increase in warmth throughout the body. Exhale the Qi through all the circulation circuits of the body. Relax. This meditation matrix can be created using several determinants previously described in this weblog. For example, the Mother's Breath, Concentration, and some facet of your own concepts on Visualization. Practice.


Meditation using Mantras, Movement, Prayer, Self Observation, Visualization, and Zikr, may be understood as variations on a theme. I recommend the book, 'Traveller On The Path', as a good source of study, which can facilitate the creation of meditation matrices within most practitioners on the Path. The book may be found at,,, or see my website at, and click on the links at the bottom of the page. It can also be ordered from any bookstore if it is not in stock. It was published by Infinity Publishing, located in PA. Toll free call orders can be made by calling 1 877 289 2665. If you enjoy stories of romantic enlightened action, try 'For Love Of Nikki Diamond', also at Infinity, and 'Transform Node' at Amazon.

Meditation using Image Projections: Technique Sample. Remember, the Nature of Mind emulates the Nature of the Universe. Thus: Close your eyes, and sit, lie, or stand in a meditation posture. Enter (create) a meditation matrix by way of breath. After anchoring to the breath, visualize an image of your perfect Self in full regalia, whatever that may mean for you. Project or move this image of the Perfect Self upward toward the heavens from your present position. If you are indoors, rise up through the ceilings until you clear the roof. Ascend into the sky. As you travel upward, contemplate the view of the Earth as it recedes into the distance. Move beyond the planet and through the solar system, encompassing with your mind's eye, the solar system and the sun-star at its center. Move beyond the solar system toward the reaches of the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy. Envision the vast array of stellar phenomena. Once you have reached the galaxy's edge, turn back toward the Earth, and with great speed, rush toward the planet, intensely focused on your original stationary position. Descend rapidly toward yourSelf and settle back into the body. Extract your being from the projection matrix by re-focusing on the breath, then slowly open your eyes to reflect on current feelings, and your internal energy state. As an addendum to this exercise, you may check the time before insertion into the matrix by way of breath, and after extraction from the matrix by way of breath. This will give you an idea of elapsed real-time, and perhaps a contemplation theme on internal and external time dimensions with respect to meditation matrices.

Meditation using Contemplation: The flow of mindstreams are internally pervasive regardless of one's mental state. This happens whether or not one is within a meditation matrix. Meditation matrices are part of this flow as well. If one sees the flow of experience as it arises in conscious awareness, as well as when this particular flow stops, or shifts or dissipates, then all of this seeing is relatively objective in terms of one's Self Observation discipline. With this way of seeing, all phenomena are anchored in Presence of Awareness. This is a form of contemplation. Maintaining contemplation, Presence, will spontaneously awaken wisdom within you.


Meditation using Concentration: There are several ways to talk about this, including concentration as focused attention on pratically any of the myriad manifestations of external or internal phenomena.

Technique Sampling. For this one, find a quiet private place for a dark retreat. Turn off the lights. This approach will employ focused attention on a small candle flame, placed in an appropriate container, about two meters away from your seated position on the floor.

Use a comfortable meditation posture while placing attention on the flame. Now and then, close your eyes and concentrate on the internal after-image of the light source, along with color variance which may occur. Be vigilant about process drift, and use counter measures by returning to focused attention on the target.

Remember: Study and practice on the Path gives you infinite meditation matrices.


Meditation using Breath: Breathing is a process that is continuous within us whether we are aware of this or not. If we cultivate awareness of our breathing patterns and rhythms, as part of our ongoing meditation matrix, benefits accrue. Our mindfield generates more enlightened states of mental activity in a healthy and realtively relaxed fashion. There are many ways to practice using breath.

The techniques presented here can be expanded over time through study and personal effort. In general, try to sustain the idea of, Breathing the Universe. You are inhaling air which is a crucial elemental in our existence. On breathing out, you contribute to your surrounding environment. With respect to specific techniques, one can sit with proper, relaxed posture, and focus on the flow of air as it moves through the nasal passages and into the abdominal cavity of one's body.

Inflow and outflow. Keep focus on the flow. If you notice that the focus on breath flow has drifted away, and the mindfield is moving into other thoughts, images and so on, then, as this realization arises, bring your attention back to the focus on breathing flow.

Another exercise, known to practitioners in some circles as, The Mother's Breath, can be done almost anywhere: Breathe in for a count of seven, pause for a count of one. Breathe out for a count of seven, pause for a count of one, and so forth. This is done at your own pace and comfort. This method places attention on our normal breathing process since we do breathe in and out naturally, with a slight pause at the top of the in-breath, and at the bottom of the out-breath. The Mother's Breath is powerful if practiced regularly. It can cut through mental agitation, and has a centering and holistic effect on one's Mind-Body complex.


Meditation using Analysis: Technique Sample. Whenever you find yourself engaged in concentration for the purpose of problem solving, you may think of this process of focusing, as Meditation using Analysis. Expand on the concept to include various forms of relatively shifting concentration activities. The possibilities are vast. For example, in the concentration process, one is usually focused on some specific idea, topic, and so on. Whenever the mind moves away from the elelment of concentration, the focus becomes centered on some other aspect of the concentration theme. Some of this process may include Meditation using Contemplation within any particular point of attention. Notice the facets of the Matrix: Focus on subject, or one pointing the mind within the flow of Mindfield. Shifting concentration nodes within the natural flow of the Mindfield. There are others. The meditation process includes, concentration, and mindfulness, or insight. As the Zen Master Chih-i taught, as presented by Dr Thomas Cleary's translation of, 'Stopping & Seeing', stopping the mind is concentration, seeing is insight.


Contemplate the idea of 'expanded continuity'. What is the depth meaning of this phrase for you, and others? The method of contemplation includes repetition of the phrase every now and again, while observing whenever possible, whatever may surface in the Mindfield concerning this contemplation theme. Be aware of internal sensitive relationships between the Stages of YourSelf and the contemplation theme if possible. This exercise can sssist a person in developing powers of Self Observation. There are many forms of Meditation. For example:

Meditation using Analysis
Meditation using Breath
Meditation using Concentration
Meditation using Contemplation
Meditation using Image Projections
Meditation using Mantras
Meditation using Movement
Meditation using Prayer
Meditation using Self Observation
Meditation using Visualization
Meditation using Zikr

There are others. Basically this internal process ultimately leads to mastery concerning Mindfield flow, and beyond. Conscious evolution is enhanced. A sense of Presence and panoramic awareness begins to unfold. Wisdom action, and wise choice occurs more often than not; more beneficial neural networks are generated in the brain, and things seem to get better, strange as it may seem. This can be directly experienced by Practioners on the Path.

For a more detailed presentation on the essence of this weblog, see my books entitled: 'Traveller On The Path', and 'Transform Node'. They can be found at,, and


Here is a working description of, The Seven Stages of the Self, and The Manifest Faculties. The Seven Stages may be described in this way:

The Commanding Self: The layer of a person which may be thought of as a conglomeration of emotional highs and lows, desires, hopes, fears, beliefs, opinions, and general attitudes based usually in unexamined social conditioning.

The Accusing Self: Related to a constituent which sometimes checks our behavior, and keeps watch over us. It is the action of conscience, which most of us experience occasionally.

The Inspired Self: A relatively evolved level of ourselves. An internal awareness, although creative, basically good, and often happy, however not usually developed enough in a so-called normal person, to the point where it can consistently generate wholesome energy most of the time.

The Tranquil Self: This level of the Self is often present internally after considerable experience in meditation practice has been accomplished.

The Satisfied Self: Based in a meassure of contentment and secure feeling about the inherent correctness of one's knowledge and understanding, derived from learning, action and experience on the Path.

The Satisfying Self: Begins to manifest itself when a person finds that other people start to seek them out for help. This is a sense of trust that others feel about this level of the Self, when it is active in a person.

The Completed Self: Sometimes known as the Purified Self, the Perfect Person. This may be understood as the culmination of ongoing development any human can attain and maintain for life.

The Manifest Faculties: The inherent faculties, or energy matrices, out of which flow learning experiences for contemplation whenever they arise within one's Self.

The Faculty of the Self in terms of the Body.
The Faculty of the Heart in terms of Emotional Energy.
The Faculty of the Intellect in terms of Perceptive Range.

One must be able to recognize the Stages and the Faculties as they arise to conscious levels within one's Mindfield at anytime! This is a form of Meditation.

Keep in mind that we are presenting a process structured as an internal meditation matrix. The Stages and the Faculties are not 'things', but rather working descriptions of specific internal energy flow. Remember. The process includes trying to observe your internal experience as it happens, while noting whenever possible, without emotional attachment, the Stages and Faculties as they occur within the stream of your everyday internal experience. This is a form of Self Observation.

Keep this in mind also: The works of classical and contemporary Sufis explore the Sufi Model in depth. An excellent example can be found by studying the publications of the Sufi Teacher, Sayed Idries Shah, and other exemplars of similar Nature, across spiritual traditions. Regardless of culture, the Teachings of Enlightenment are very similar, whether we are talking about Zen, Hindu Vedanta, Sufism, Christian Mysticism, Tibetan Buddhism, or Taoist Philosophy, and so on. The Heart of the matter is in many Sources. It is your heritage. Use it wisely. Study, practice, regardless of whatever else you may be doing.


Becoming continuously conscious of mindstreams can lead to a sense of Presence. This Presence is usually dormant, or sporadic, but can be valuable when awakened. It can be described as open, expansive awareness; a panoramic inclusiveness which is immediate as well. Nurturing Presence may be approached in this way: Create a Meditation Matrix using concepts and themes from a Sufi Model. This particular matrix has two sets of determinants with ten variables. The first set is called, The Seven Stages of The Self. The second set known as, The Manifest Faculties, are three in number. Thus, the ten variables.

The array is created in the Mindfield and requires Self Observation in order to implement the matrix within one's being. It is also necessary to understand the meaning of the Sufi Model, in an effort to develop the mental maps which stimulate practice.


Information Systems in this context includes and extends beyond that which is normally understood as our leading edge communications technology. The concept is expounded in terms of comprehending human beings as information systems within themselves.

For example, just as a front-end-processor type computer, linked to a host-processor computer, or an intelligent workstation linked to a server computer, may be considered as network nodes in a computer design topology, so can people be understood as network elements among and within themselves. In actuality, we are the models from which our built-in capacity to create, determines the potential rate of our expansion in Infinity. In other words, the actualization of ideas appear in the worlds of form through Imaginal Gateways in the human Mindfield. These gateways open and close at different speeds depending on the consistency of primordial awareness extant in any given mind at any give time.

As external entities (Ex Ents), we form network relationships in worldly, and global affairs, while simultaneously influencing neural network activity in the brain. Our task can be described with respect to the following question: How does one become continuously aware of one's experiential flow, and what are the methods by which this intra-human information can be converted into enhanced conscious evolution within ourselves?


The capacity of Human Systems to evolve exceptionally useful facets of their potential for conscious evolution, stems from personal work, oriented toward refinement and purification, more so than most other factors of human activity.

Internal effort requires an understanding of energy flow within human beings, partly through the application and experience of Meditation Matrices. These mindstreams are at once personal and can be thought of as being the result of certain faculties or qualities defined in terms of, Body, Heart and Intellect. This triad of attributes, in asociation with what are sometimes called aspects of the Self, which are related to a persons Higher Nature, form the worldground on which skillful means are practiced.

The results of practice serve as catalysts for transformational learning, which generates profound and beneficially permanent changes in the internal systems of human beings. These frames of reference include energy pathways throughout the body in conjunction with neural networks in the brain. This apprach leads to enhancing all systems of the human mind-body, including, emotional mastery, and the expansion of perceptive range.

Successful work in human systems has been proven effective across the ages by way of the development and actions of human exemplars, in various cultures. Their work has emerged as the Teachings of Enlightenment from the world's sacred traditions and psychologies. This legacy has been transported across space-time, and is ours today, applicable within the modern context of our lives.


In terms of Intra-Human Communications, we work internally. After all, we are one, are we not? Yet, although we are one in Essence, we are also, on close examination of ourselves, a multliplicity. I created the phrase, intra-human communications, in Spectrum Counseling, as a descriptor for exploration and discovery within one's Self. Most of us recognize intuitively, various aspects of ourselves which are manifested in the world, for example, with respect to our professional, social and personal relationships. We are also aware of the often veiled internal energy patterns of positive and negative emotions. This array is one of several, which often determines our actions. These facets of the human condition can be creatively transformed into life enhancing qualities by skilfully practicing intra-humnan communications.

The practice involves a combination of disciplines extracted and synthesized from Eastern and Western sacred psychologies, and presented for use under the heading of, Spectrum Counseling. This requires the implementation of a unique Meditation Matrix of varying complexity, internally generated, in order to explore one's Higher Nature, or Self.

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